Communication with your dog

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It is very common to find with a long talk of trainers which debated for a specific case using positive reinforcement, positive punishment, negative punishment or negative reinforcement.

To try to attenuate these discussions will discuss some trite definitions of Behaviorism to then go to exemplify with a series of case studies.

Objective and scope

The first objective is to make it clear that it should not be so common listen to arguments on whether it has been used negative reinforcement or positive reinforcement or whatever it is, since this matter is studied in the first subjects of the degree in psychology, being answers closed expected in examinations. Said another way, if someone believes that positive reinforcement has been used in a particular case and another person, he believed that negative reinforcement is used, one of the two is wrong.

I hope to make it clear that these issues are not matters of philosophical arguments, i.e., given a context and a series of actions that take place in that context can be concluded from deterministic mode (Teichroew, 1964) the tools that have been used to influence the behavior of an animal.

How to know that you are using?

Let us now to how to reach that conclusion in a simple way. To know the tool that has been used to modify certain behavior three questions need to be answered in this order:

You need to know the action that you want to act, i.e. the behavior to be modified making it more or less likely in the future. Examples: “bark”, “stop barking”, “jump”, “relax”, “come to the owner”.


You must respond to the question of if we want that this action is more or less likely in the future. This will determine if I will use:

Reinforcement: when you want to increase the likelihood that the repeat. Examples: “increase the likelihood that the doggy dans online dog trainer come to me”, “increase the likelihood that dog jump a certain obstacle”, “increase the probability that a particular object porte”.

Punishment: when you want to reduce the likelihood that repeat the action. Examples: “reduce the likelihood that get distracted”, “reduce the likelihood that pull the belt”, “reduce the likelihood that touch a certain object”.

Finally, must answer the question of whether you have added or removed elements of the environment. This will determine if the reinforcement or punishment is:

Positive: elements appear in the context. Examples: pain, appears a toy, it appears food, appears some obstacle that not allows to reach a goal, etc.

Negative: disappearing elements in the context. Examples: pain go away a toy, it disappears food, disappears some obstacle that did not allow to achieve an objective, etc.

Example of positive reinforcement

Suppose that I ask the dog a sitting and succeed in the answer if I take a piece of food from my pocket and give it to you. Let’s look at the example with the steps shown above.

First question: do the action that you want to act? Verb sit

Second question: will be more or less likely in the future? It will be likely, then you are using reinforcement

Third question: have been added or removed elements of the environment? It has added an element not present was the piece of food, then using Positive reinforcement

Example of negative reinforcement

Suppose that through an obstacle of type metal fence gate are preventing our dog reaching a ball that is seeing the other side of the door. In that case, instead of giving the ball without more, Act asking a sitting (is just one example) and if it gives the correct answer, we opened the door and let you play with the ball. Let’s look at the example with the steps shown above.

First question: do the action that you want to act? Verb sit

Second question: will be more or less likely in the future? It will be likely, then you are using reinforcement

Third question: have been added or removed elements of the environment? It has removed the obstacle which prevented from reaching the ball, then use Negative reinforcement

Example of positive punishment

Suppose that, in a walk down the street, a dog barks to a neighbor and to try to avoid it in future occasions receive a belt flip

First question: do the action that you want to act? Verb barking at people

Second question: do you want to be more or less likely in the future? I hope that it is less likely, then you are using punishment

Third question: have been added or removed elements of the environment? It has added pain in the trachea of a correction with strap, then use Positive punishment

Example of negative punishment

The clearest example is shown in some books for the bite inhibition. In a session of play with teether with a puppy, the dog make the mistake of biting us some finger gently, as a consequence of abandonment the game keeping the toy. Let’s look at the example with the steps shown above.

First question: do the action that you want to act? Verb bite me

Second question: will be more or less likely in the future? It will be less likely, then punishment is being used

Third question: has been added or removed elements of the environment? It has eliminated the teether and the game environment, then use Negative punishment…

Features and Characteristics of Reddit

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If someone asks what social media is then you will probable solution by naming a few social network sites. however, it is extra than this and if you suppose social media is simply limited to developing new friends and networking then you definately are wrong as it has a wider spectrum. you could advantage numerous records and additionally show off your expertise too. One such internet site that is geared towards enhancing information is Reditt.

Reditt is not just like the different boards, it’s miles extra committed to news, information, understanding etc. when you have any article links which you need to percentage with the entire reditt network then you can without difficulty upload the hyperlink. when you upload the hyperlink you could actually have a conversation associated with the topic with other contributors in reditt.Reddit marketing becomes great when you start getting upvotes. To get upvotes faster you can buy reddit upvotes for your reddit post.

Reditt is an open forum wherein you could comment on any article, you can pass the comment both in desire and towards it. So, you could speak freely in reditt approximately your thoughts and ideas.

With Reditt you’ll get an extra function called karma. Karma is a type of a reward that you may get from different users of Reditt, in case your article is virtually properly. Getting karma is not that smooth, as right here you need to gain extra than 100 votes in an afternoon to earn the praise. however, in case you are fortunate to get it then your article gets a chance to appear within the the front page.

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Reditt is very smooth to get right of entry to and use, you will get many alternatives with a purpose to make your paintings less complicated. if you need to test the pleasant and maximum voted articles then you need to go to the “recommended” alternative and take a look at the list.

In Reditt you can even touch upon the commercials that keep coming up on the web page. if you do not like a specific ad then all you need to do is input a comment at “reditt this advert” option and later steps can be taken.

furthermore, in Reditt you may get an choice referred to as “stat web page” where you can see the list of names of people who have been considered as the pinnacle karma gainers.

in case you need to post your articles on Reditt then you definately need a profile of your very own. With the help of your e-mail deal with, you may effortlessly create your profile. after you get your very own profile you could post any article of yours. if you need to vote for others then after each and every article you may see an arrow option, for a high-quality vote press the “up” arrow and for the terrible vote press the “down” arrow. For every high-quality vote the proprietor of the item gets one factor and for each poor vote the object proprietor will get a poor point of one. growing and spreading understanding is what social media is and this is what reditt is about.

Dubai Bonanza

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Tourism in Dubai is a large a part of the approach of Dubai’s authorities to hold on the influx of extra budget into the usa. Dubai allures a massive number of travelers mainly for shopping and also for a big range of past and modern-day points of interest.

Dubai has been stated as the customers Paradise of the middle East and as an alternative the whole global. Dubai by myself has greater than approximately 70 shops, and the worlds largest mall The Dubai Mall is likewise present here.

Dubai’s maximum surprising purchasing is to be seen inside the souks to be located at the either side of the flow in which haggling is the a part of the shopping. visiting to Dubai is usually amusing.

Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai tour From Hyderabad

Day 1: Dubai -Arrival

attain Dubai global Airport and accumulate your person traveler Visa from the migration table. Our retailers or spokespersons will lead you to the lodge. The day is open for spare time a good way to take pride in lovely Dubai, that is positioned at the gleaming blue waters of the Arabian Gulf. An idyllic holiday destination to sense inimitable sights, sounds & water sports.To know more about Dubai Desert Safari see our website.

Day 2: desert Safari

After having Breakfast on the second day, strengthen for the wilderness Safari. As our comfy four-wheel force cars transport you to a special come upon with a numerous world, you may get satisfaction from the adventure and excitement of driving over sand dunes of different shades and heights.

The path passes a natural oasis, camel farms and excellent scenery, which offer first rate snapshots chance. we can take a halt wherein you could have a look at the magic and bursting splendor of an Arabian barren region sunset and benefit from the peacefulness and the everlasting attractiveness of the wilderness.

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