My Favorite High Class Escort of London

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Haven’t seen Sylvia in quite a while. I started seeing her probably 18 months ago (before she was on her own). She is great fun, very smart, and better looking then you would believe. I have been traveling a lot so I haven’t had the opportunity to see her – hope she still wants to see me again. I could not recommend any other professional high class escort form London more highly.

Initial contact by e-mail was prompt and cordial, leading to a tentative date, pursuant to passing her screening process (described on the website-some may balk-I took a shot). A lack of time between initial contact and final confirmation led to a bit of confusion, but the bottom line was that I went an hour later than originally planned-no big deal. I must start by saying that her pics are a bit misleading, in that she is MUCH more attractive in person.

The pictures tend to distort her nearly perfect “hourglass” figure, and to exaggerate her absolutely perfect derriere. Her face is softer in person, and her eyes captured my heart immediately. Her conversation skills were impeccable, designed to make me feel like the most important person in her world, which, for a fleeting hour, I was. Not that she is a clock-watcher. I never felt rushed, except by my own schedule.

A single bell-ring was enough for me, but I rather suspect that another would have been allowed. As for specifics, I will only say that eloquent English(safe) was spoken, and my satisfaction was never in doubt. Her price is at the high end of the local scale, so I will have to save up a bit before I return. It will be worth the effort, in my case, and I hope to see Brigette again. She is a delight, to be treasured and treated with the utmost respect.

Her fragrance was still with me, and her spirit still soothed my own, as I drove away, only slightly saddened by the exit, and excited by the possibility of a return engagement. She is the perfect epitome of high class escorts.