Methods of brining beloved

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Ask me, then I will be near, Prayer is the basis of worship, and urged the Messenger of Allah — peace be upon him — to resort to God in each work or desire of things in the world and the Hereafter, the du’aa ‘alter the judiciary. When we combine certain feelings with someone we dream that we’ll complete our lives with Him, so we must go away from all that angers God, obey his commands, and commit ourselves to prayer and prayer to react to us if this guy is good for us, May God grant us good.

The du’aa ‘at each of the matters of existence and here we offer you the formulation of supplications to deliver beloved , and I ask God to bring you with your love : — In the name of Allah, the Most Exalted, the Exalted, the Glorious, the Most Merciful. — Aziz bolstered by your pride, who is pleased with your pride is Aziz no humiliation after him, and also the proud without your dignity is ashamed. — God is strong Aziz, and it is a publication Aziz, and God bless you precious victory. “We have honored the sons of Adam, for it’s a sacred Qur’an in a publication that can only be touched by purgators. You should be removed from the Lord of the Worlds”, “and I will cast love upon you from me”.

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My eyes go as your sister says and walks, “Shall I inform you of the person who protects him, and he will reunite you to your mother so that her eyes will be recognized rather than grieved, and you will kill your soul? A draw between the Prophet Muhammad , peace be upon him and between his family , God bless them and the nation have mercy of God, and also draw between Joseph and Zelekha possess a passion for love, I see at manifest mistake, they will not cease to remember Joseph until you are inciting or become one of those that perish. — Oh God, Glory, Fantastic things, there is no god but He, the living, the Almighty, Read below the prayer to bring the beloved(جلب الحبيب) near to you.

O God, put the familiarity, empathy and love in the hearts of the sons of Adam and the daughters of Eve all, particularly the heart of so held and took his wings to watch God, and say is God, and God’s feel that Hezbollah is the majority, God is upon our master Muhammad the Prophet and his loved ones and companions and gave a great deal of fame to the day of faith, praise be to God of the worlds. — God, love from the son of so and so, and the woman after adore and enjoy with your noble messenger, and entrusted to me, along with the king of his own command, and make it from my department as well as my talk, and our husband at Halal on your Sunk and the entire year of the noble messenge