BlackVue DR400G-HD II

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Like many Korean constructed dashboard cams and there aren’t a lot of clones / fakes out there.

From a movie excellent standpoint, this model is very like the first. It could record HD video (1080p in 30FPS) and the image quality is excellent at the day. But contrary to Pittasoft’s claims of enhanced night movie, many consumers have discovered worse night time movie quality than the initial edition.

Regrettably early reports indicate lots of the reliability issues of the first camera, especially overheating, are happening in this upgraded version. Nobody was able to identify exactly what this “ecofilter” is. The disassembled camera is almost identical to the original camera.

1 gap that’s been noticed is that a reduced bit rate for your new camera. This reduces the heat created by the camera because the chip isn’t functioning as hard. Nevertheless a lower interest rate usually signifies poorer image quality.

It’s very likely the Pittasoft decreased the bit rate to lessen the heating issue. Regrettably, while the camera will operate cooler than the initial edition, it doesn’t run cool enough given the early reports of overheating. The lower interest rate is probably one reason why nighttime recording seems to be worse than the initial camera. This is one of the best balckvue dash cams on the market.

On the flip side, the BlackVue DR400G-HD II includes a tiny size that makes it discreet when installed. It doesn’t include an LCD display given its small dimensions but after it’s installed and installed, there’s absolutely no need to transfer it about. The built-in GPS displays the car rate and status data, which is synchronized using Google Map to show the driving route.

If you’re utilizing parking style, you might wish to think about a Battery Discharge Prevention Device.

Known problems

While the first DR400G-HD was plagued with reliability issues, this variant claims to solve the overheating problem.

A lot of folks guess the first 3 issues recorded are a direct outcome of the camera overheating.


Unfortunately it doesn’t seem that the overheating issue has truly been solved. Despite the fact that the default bit rate is a lot reduced, many consumers complain that the camera becomes really hot and you will find reports of cameras that are misaligned.

Here’s a movie of a brand new BlackVue DR400G-HD II Season 2 with exceptional movie quality.

Here’s a movie in precisely the exact same camera, 1.5 weeks afterwards.

As more people get this camera, we’ll catch any reports of topics and discuss it with our subscribers. After moving through the hot summertime, overheating issues became evident. Together with the new camera getting popular in the autumn of 2012, we might not have definitive proof of overheating until 2013. But, we’ll learn how it works from the cold!

We propose avoid using the parking style inside this camera. A number of the failures at the first version happened with individuals who frequently employed the parking style attribute. A parked car in the hot sun can is supposed cause of the numerous failures in the first version.

Some owners have drilled holes in the event to boost heating, but this doesn’t seem to be adequate. Others have eliminated the back half of this case and also have set up a heatsink as shown in these images (that is on the first DR400G-HD but the exact same principle could be placed on the DR400G-HD II). This can be a more reliable alternative.

Blurry / From Focus Picture

To correct the focus, an individual would have to disassemble the camera, then remove the adhesive from the lens, then rotate the lens before it’s in focus then paste the lens in place. The original camera didn’t suffer from this dilemma. Maybe quality management has diminished.

Poor nighttime recording

Pittasoft asserts that this variant has enhanced night recording through software filtering. Many consumers have complained that nighttime recording is in fact worse in this particular version. This may be a result of the reduced bit rate that this camera documents at. There’s absolutely no known corrective remedy for this issue as of yet.

Many users complain of inferior sound quality from this dashboard camera. To enhance sound quality, a few owners have left another hole close to the microphone by massaging it.

You have to get rid of the rubber stoppers covering the screws, unscrew the cap, and then drill a hole 90 levels throughout the screw slot which stays closest to the microphone. Don’t extend the current microphone hole with the drill. Rather, drill vertical to it to the camera body by means of the closet twist slot. See images below.